The Flato Markham Theatre in the Community


Flato Markham Theatre is committed to providing the Markham community with engaging and exciting performing arts experiences, from youth and adult dance classes to informances and masterclasses with professional performance artists.

Upcoming Events

Due to COVID-19, there are no upcoming Discovery Outreach events at this time.

Past Events

Special Invitation to a Master Class with Anderson & Roe (March 2020)
A master class taught by Anderson & Roe at the Steinway Piano Gallery.

Youth Dance Workshop - Cuban Modern Dance Technique (February 2020) 

The Cuban technique of modern dance is a fusion of North American Modern Dance (including (Sokolov), Graham, Limon, Cunningham), European ballet, and traditional Afro-Cuban dances and rhythms. The central teaching of the class is based around contraction and release techniques, combined with spine undulation movements from Afro-Cuban dance styles. The across the floor combinations encourage a focus on rhythm and musicality. The combination of influences (American, European and Afro) manifest within Cuban dance to provide the students a unique, transcultural, experience of movement. For ages 9+ Intermediate dancers (at leat 2 years of ballet or modern technique)

A Cappella Workshop with Countermeasure (December 2019)
Learn instrument mimicry and vocal percussion from Countermeasure's Aaron Jensen and J-M Erlendson. Workshop suitable for ages 12-adult and all skill levels.

Dance Days (April 2016, 2017 & 2018)
Flato Markham Theatre was pleased to offer students in Grade 4 to 12 the opportunity over the last few years to participate in International Dance Day. Free dance showcase and workshops! 

BBOYIZM Dance Class (January/February 2016)
Learn, perform and experience BBOY/BGIRL dance classes with BBOYIZM at Flato Markham Theatre! BBOY/BGIRL workshops will be taught by a professional dancer from the dance troupe, BBOYIZM. Students will learn Street and Hip Hop dance & culture in a fun and stimulating environment.

Bireli Lagrene Informance at Alliance Française (October 2015)
Join the famous gipsy jazz guitarist Biréli Lagrène and his band at Alliance Française for a special master class on Wednesday, September 30. The event will be followed by a reception where you will be able to meet Biréli and members of his band.

Kaha: Wi Dance Theatre Powwow Dance Classes (May & June 2016)
Powwow Dance is a combination of traditional Indigenous and contemporary movements designed to ignite creativity, increase physical activity, body awareness, and confidence that promote interest in the performing arts. Flato Markham Theatre partners with Kaha:wi Dance Theatre - professional Indigenous Contemporary Dance Company (Six Nations/Toronto) and Markham School of Dance to offer intermediate level Powwow Dance classes.

Unionville Festival (June, 2018, 2019)
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"I had 2 children in the project and both had a great time! The teacher was engaging and worked with all the students equally to enhance everyone's experience."

- Parent of BBOYIZM dance class participant

"It was a fantastic experience! [Classes were] empowering and they loved the interaction with the instructors after the show."

- Parent of BBOYIZM dance class participant


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